Elizabeth Parrish; "The patient zero of eternal youth"

Published : 08/23/2016 13:18:34
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Elizabeth Parrish; "The patient zero of eternal youth"

Getting the formula for eternal youth has always been one of the highest ideals in history, however; it was not obtained, but until recently, when Elizabeth Parrish, CEO of Bioviva, decided to become patient zero of an experiment based on anti aging treatments, making sure that it is entirely possible reverse the aging; after 20 years of bilógica reduced life suddenly.

The same, who underwent an experiment previously worked with laboratory rats, managed to not only give greater recognition to his company, after the completion of this gene therapy, but also tripped arm him to death. But what it was to complete this process ?, then tell you a little about this.

2 phases and achievement, rejuvenate!

Like any scientific therapy, which crossed itself by Elizabeth; it consisted of two phases where first intramuscular injection of a gene called Follistatin, which optimizes the growth of muscle mass and actuates contrary to the development of misostatina were allowed, thus avoiding rheumatic diseases, like any spinal damage.

Now, in the second part, it was decided to inject a genetic virus that influenced positively in the production of telomerase; a kind of enzyme that went into the last zone DNA completely controlling telomere elongation to prevent cell aging, and fully accommodate the reduction of age.

Is there any progress regarding so amazing discovery?

After the unveiling of such a formidable gene therapy, many studies have been continuously made to it, discovered among them, that once applied; it can not only reduce mileage human, but also the risk of disease cell product deterioration, such as Alzheimer's, blood or nervous uncontrol, like bone decalcification and deterioration of the dermis.

Will it be possible to enjoy such treatment someday?

Because it is surprising that, many requests from people; who wish to undergo this treatment, however Bioviva not yet feel fully fit to start implanting the public, as quality details; safety and cost, are still being measured.

Elizabeth Parrish, even; commented that if implemented, the amount of such anti age exorbitant serious procedure, but however; working from and in supplements or derivatives thereof; for people with few resources you might enjoy.

Why ?, because the idea is simply that everyone can take the opportunity to slow the deterioration of your cells and perform much better on the day, after a certain age.

Do you dare you?

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