Camu Camu (ascorbic acid) -Active Foods-Polvo.65 gr

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Bioactive composite food. Act as antiviral and depurative, ideal to prevent common cold, fight cholesterol, cold sores, and toxins in liver.

Camu camu Active Foods, contains vitamin C and active power is 60 times higher than the lemon or orange juice. Thanks to that; operates as a cleanser antiviral, and is the best to confront or control disease flu, colds, and common cold.

Its antioxidant action, make it a powerful vitamin  nutrition with ascorbic acid cleanses the liver and releases our body of toxins accumulated more fat; by daily food intake.

It also prevents formations of cholesterol in arterial walls, besides setting  iron in  blood and avoiding anemic.

Who can use Camu Camu Active Foods?

It can be used by those who wish to prevent viral diseases, such as liver detoxifier, and controlling cholesterol.

What features and details have?

This compound has been prepared with phenolics, such as proanthocyanidins, which cause beneficial effects on human health due to its antioxidant power.

How can you use?

It must be ingested orally.

When Active Foods Camu Camu use?

It is recommended to maintain a used immunologic control in our body against viral diseases stalking or purifying antioxidant.

Why choose Camu Camu Active Foods before the competition?

Because it has a high content of ascorbic acid, and is free of magnesium stearate with sweeteners.

How is it used?

It is recommended to drink daily, adding a teaspoon in juice, either apple or pear. Then agitate for better distribution.

Product Composition

Each teaspoon or 1 g. Contains: Calories 3.67 Kcal, 15, 36 KJ. 0.06 g Protein. 0 Carbohydrates, 68 g. Sugars 0 01 g. 0 fat 05 g. Which saturated <0, 1 g. Fiber 0 09 g. Salt 0 g. Vitamin A (1-Jg of retinol) 0.87 (0.1%) * Vitamin C 200 mg (250%) of ascorbic acid glycosides 20 mg * NRV (Nutrient Reference value)

Supplement composition

65 g of powdered fruit camu camu


always protect at room temperatura

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