CLEAN SHOWER BODY AND HAIR - (Toning Gel) Akileine- 150 ml.

CLEAN SHOWER BODY AND HAIR - (Toning Gel) Akileine- 150 ml.

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Refreshing toner. Special for cleansing and relaxing the body; While toning the scalp.


CLEAN SHOWER BODY AND HAIR, it is a product that tones the skin and gives shine to the hair after the bath, due to its moisturizing properties, and to its gelatinous content that intervenes in the energetic recovery of the body.

It also helps remove perspiration after intense sports exercise, cleansing and refreshing the skin, giving it freshness and softness, while exerting rejuvenating and pigmentary fixation functions.

On the other hand, it is a tonic that respects the pH of the skin, maintaining its acidity and protecting it from invading agents like bacteria, while controlling any allergic state, dermatitis or inflammation.


Recommended for those who want soft skin and silky shiny hair

What characteristics and details do you have?

CLEAN SHOWER BODY AND HAIR, is a product that comes in a tubular container of 150 milliliters, with a mixture of oils, fats and menthol of natural extracts, with foamy, fungicidal and bactericidal properties that provide the body with health on the skin; And the scalp.

How can this product be used?

It is of topical use

When do I use this product?

Can be used for body and hair care.

Why is our product better than the competition?

Because it contains no abrasive moisturizing scents, or fats that come from chemicals, or other components that cause states of allergy on the skin, or affect the scalp.

How to use

Apply on body and wet hair during the shower, lather with a gentle massage and wash abundantly.

Ingredients (per 150 ml).

Essential Oils, Menthol and Foaming Tonic, Mineral Salts and Silk Lipesters®

Container contents

Container containing 150 ml of natural oils, fats and toning extracts.


Store at room temperature


No contraindications to any of its components.

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