DLux3000-Vitamin D Oral Spray-(boost your D levels)-BetterYou

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The best vitamin D compound capable of not only strengthen your bones; but also strengthen your defenses to keep disease free.

DLux3000-Vitamin D, is definitely one of the best products with spray presentation to include in your daily diet. Thanks to this; not only can improve the absorption of nutrients and fluid blood, but also you will provide what is necessary for your bones and joints to keep them totally strong and elasticity. Now, beyond these advantages, managed to also improve the function of the immune system and keep you free from any problem osteoporosis, rheumatism or arthritis, keep in mind that once the calcium begins to be absorbed in the proper way, you get a state optimal protection and not only that; but you will be totally free of pain or twinges possible by decalcification. Undoubtedly, a high quality vitamin that will help you improve your health; and to provide the necessary vitamin and mineral levels in your blood are maintained, dare to make him an indispensable element in you use and enjoy its benefits, which will definitely be more than excellent. Who can use this product? DLux3000-Vitamin D, can be eaten by all kinds of people, especially vegans and diabetics; because of the great contributions that offer the organism. What features and details have? DLux3000-Vitamin D Spray is a completely free of gluten or sweeteners, product able to improve not only the absorption of calcium and phosphorus in the bones, but also give strength to them, while optimizing the immune system and you It remains free of diseases such as osteoporosis. How you can use this product? DLux3000-Vitamin D Spray-(strengthens your bones) - is a product that can be ingested by mouth because of its sublingual spray presentation intake; by spraying. When do I use this product? DLux3000-Vitamin D Spray can be used daily, and it certainly helps to improve the state of your bones, joints and tissues, giving elasticity and resistance. It also is advisable to attack osteoporosis and rheumatism. Why our product is better than the competition? DLux3000-Vitamin D Spray-(strengthens your bones) -BetterYou-, the component is indicated to eat; thanks to its presentation easily absorbed, ensuring effective in each of the areas due improvement. How is it used? DLux3000-Vitamin D, has been designed to be consumed through daily dose set to 1 spray under the tongue. Product Composition Vitamin D3, acacia gum, sunflower lecithin; purified water, citric acid. Vitamin D. preservatives: peppermint oil, potassium sorbate. Supplement composition Presentation Spray 15ml. Made with 100 doses of vitamin D. sprays. Side effects Loss of appetite. Nausea. Storage This product should be stored at room temperature locations.

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