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Magnesium Flakes- (for baths)-BetterYou- 250g

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Magnesium-based flask bag, ideal for releasing stresses in the bathroom; and reaffirm the calcium in the bones.

Magnesium Flakes, a product of high quality; that not only will help to strengthen each of your bones, but will also increase your levels of calcium in them and detoxify any tissue so they can finish perfectly formed.

Prepared in a bag of flakes of magnesium, it is presented as an ally to keep more than healthy.

Just by spreading its contents in the bathtub and immerse yourself in it, you can break free of any tension and in turn activate the antioxidant in your body, allowing you to get mettle in each required area, like a lot of energy.

Now, you may initially feel a little tingling; but not more than the adaptation of your body to the mineral, so relax completely when use you, and enjoy such great and excellent benefits that can give you; remember that all needed to keep you in excellent condition.

Who can use this product?

Magnesium Flakes can be used by all types of people, since it helps improve their tissues optimally.

What features and details have?

Magnesium Flakes- (100% concentrate) - has been developed based on the amount of ingredients needed to provide strength and integrity to your bones, like flexibility to the joint areas.

How you can use this product?

Magnesium Flakes- (100% concentrate) 250g -BetterYou- has been specially designed to dissolve in water, so as you can take it through a relaxing bath.

When do I use this product?

Whenever you want you can use Magnesium Flakes; especially when you need to relax your body of some other muscle aches.

Why our product is better than the competition?

Magnesium Flakes- (100% concentrate) -BetterYou- 250g, is excellent not only for the fact that you can take through a bath, but also because it has been prepared under all standards imposed by health, hoping to give you always the best for your health .

How is it used?

If you want to use Magnesium Flakes, you must empty into the tub each of the flakes found in the bag; and once these have dissolved, immerse yourself in it for 20 minutes so that it can take effect magnesium in your body. This procedure can repeat two or three times a week.

Product Composition

Magnesium chloride flakes; made with 47 to 100% concentration. Fully hexahidratados. Supplement composition 1 bag of magnesium flakes, each comprising 30 mg. 250mg completely. 100% concentrated.

Side effects

No side effects. However at the beginning of its use can cause momentary allergies.


It is recommended to store at room temperature locations.

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