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L-Glutamine - (energy supplement) - Douglas Laboratories 250g. Dust

L-Glutamine - Douglas Laboratories 250g. Powder

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An energizing capable of strengthening the muscle mass of body. Ideal for athletes, and for those suffering convalescence after chemotherapy.

250 gr

L-Glutamine - (energy supplement) - Douglas Laboratories 250g. Dust


L-Glutamine is a dietary supplement with protein characteristics, which promote muscle mass of those who are constantly engaged in high intensity sports. It also operates as a non-essential amino acid, to strengthen the fight against infections, being protecting immune system, and providing it with important agents to deal with viral diseases.

Likewise, stands as an ally for the maintenance of our body, after exhausting activities that produce the toils of everyday life, giving us a efficient  supply of energy without raising levels of blood sugar. Besides,  it is ideal to improve mood in people. Also prevents insomnia,and  anxiety.

5 Benefits of this product

  • It's good for vegetarians, because L-Glutamine is a protein product that helps them maintain levels of nonessential amino acids within their basic requirements.
  • Increases levels of growth hormone, because thanks to its properties; It stimulates organic vitality, intervening in the 191 amino acids of the synthesized strand.
  • Protects production and status of proteins in the body, and provided a balance the neurotransmitter system.
  • helps assimilating carbohydrates after sports training, because it acts effectively in the body when mixed with glucose polymers.
  • The compound L-Glutamine improves intestinal permeability abnormal in people with HIV, and allowing blocking the harmful substances that affect nutrients.


Dust. 250g. They contain: L- Glutamine% NRV 4 g * (4 grams x 1 teaspoon dessert). This product contains no yeast, wheat gluten, soy protein, milk or dairy products, corn, sodium, sugar, starch or artificial colors, preservatives or artificial flavors.


L-Glutamine - (energy supplement), can be ingested orally in doses of one teaspoon, 1 time a day, either mixed in water or juice, as directed by the specialist.

Opposites effects

It has no side effects. . However, an excess use can cause allergic reactions. Please,Consult your doctor.


Store at room temperature and dry.

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