COFFEE (green coffee) SLANK 60cap. - ESPADIET

COFFEE (green coffee) SLANK 60cap. - ESPADIET

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Caf̩ Slank is a natural supplement that helps in weight control diets thanks to the thermogenic effect provided by the green coffee extract low in caffeine. And an important content of polyphenols (antioxidants and circulatory tone promoters and protectors of blood vessels), the Green Coffee are attributed numerous organic benefits in the field of dermatology, inmuniologa and neural and circulatory system. In the field of endocrinology, it seems shown that green coffee increases thermogenesis and facilitates the digestion of fats. Cafesterol content and kahweol (which disappears roasting), induce liver action of the enzyme glutathione S-transferase (GST) which facilitates the liver-biliary clearance. Furthermore, the chlorogenic acid content, may reduce sugar absorption from the intestine and accelerate the burning of fat. Coffee is the richest source among beverages consumed, compared to apple juice, orange juice, red wine, beer, black tea, green tea and berry juice concentrate.


400 mg of green coffee extract (45% chlorogenic acid) (low caffeine per capsule 3.7%).
2 capsules 2 to 3 times daily with meals.
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