Senior Formula (Empowered inulin Biotic thermophilus) - klaire Labs- 60 caps

Ther-Biotic Senior Formula - Klaire Labs - 60 veg. capsules

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The food composition ideal for those seniors. It helps stabilize the intestinal flora making you healthier transit.


Ther-Biotic Senior Formula, is one of the most effective compounds to reestablish the natural Ther- Biotic Senior Formula (Fortalecido en inulina)- KLAIRE LABS- 60 capsvalues of microbiotics; In people over 60 years.

Just by ingesting it daily, you can start enjoying benefits like; The improvement of the intestinal tract and at the same time avoid any type of inflammation or irritation in the area of the colon.

Many times, due to poor diet or oxidation of the organs; They begin to present  gastrointestinal problems, which give little by giving the person a regrettable decompensation, therefore; Is that we have created this magnificent formula, based on important strains of the group Bifidobacterium, hoping to contribute what is necessary to increase the immune system defenses in the intestine area; And in turn help the processing of nutrients and release of toxins is more than excellent.

Who can use this product?

Ther-Biotic Senior Formula - is a compound that can only be consumed by older people, from the age of 60 onwards.

What features and details do you have?

Ther- Biotic Senior Formula, has been elaborated with strains Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus, two ideal groups; Which undoubtedly help the improvement of bacterial flora and activation of enzymes for better absorption of nutrients and passage of waste through the intestine.

How can this product be used?

  It can be ingested orally, due to its presentation in capsules.

When do I use this product?

Ther- Biotic Senior Formula is ideal for daily ingestion, especially when suffering from poor intestinal transit.

Why is our product better than the competition?

Ther-Biotic Senior Formula (KLAIRE LABS) is excellent, thanks to the elements that make it up and the positive function they cause in the improvement of the microbiotics, thus recovering its value after the deterioration of the years .

How is it used?

It is recommended to use Ther- biotic Senior Formula (Strengthened in inulin), by daily doses of 1 capsule; Before one of your meals.

Product Composition

Inulin-based probiotic, 25,000 CFU. Contains Bifidobacterium infantile strains (Bifidobacterium infantile, Bifidobacterium longum, Bifidobacterium breve, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium lactis) and Lactobacillus acidophilus (Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Lactobacillus gasseri, Lactobacillus casei, Lactobacillus plantarum) each group with more than 7,000 million CFU .

Supplement Composition

60 capsules vegetable. The base of polysaccharides, L-leucine and InTatic.

Side effects

Harmful to people outside the recommended age, because it does not provide what is necessary for the improvement of its flora. Acidity, irritation to people of short colon.


Ther-Biotic Senior Formula, is ideal for storing in room temperature spaces.

5 benefits you did not know about this product

  • Reduces precancerous growths of the large intestine, including ademato familial polyps, arising as a result of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
  • Reduces abdominal pains and colic, as well as the gurgling that is heard inside the intestine.
  • Relieve the ailments, caused by fatigue.
  • Helps maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health
  • Memory benefits

Apart from this, this product provides another series of benefits such as:

Help to lower triglycerides and cholesterol

The properties of Ther- biotic Senior Formula decrease triglycerides and cholesterol in the blood, because when they reach the colon, without being digested, they begin to act in the stimulation of the growth of the bacterial flora that resides in the intestine, stimulating  the Elimination of residues such as excess LDL or bad cholesterol, and strengthening the immune system, at the same time that  increas the synthesis of vitamin B.

Keeps bones healthy

Its natural pharmacological formula improves the absorption of calcium and magnesium, which leads to increased bone density and mineralization in children and adults; Apart, its intake allows to give consistency and hardness to the skeleton.

However, it reaffirms the osteoclast cell that reabsorbs and reshapes the bones, as does the osteoblast, maintaining a structural stability in terms of the formation of the necessary complement to contribute to the bone metabolism.

Reduces the risk of diabetes

By its composition, it benefits the intestinal microbiota, helping to reduce the risk of diabetes, while improving glycemic control and increases antioxidant action, which allows the body to slow down cellular oxidation and prolong life.

Intervener in weight loss

Another advantage of taking Ther-Biotic Senior Formula is that it intervener in the body fat content induced by inulin, generating a metabolic advantage by allowing fermentable carbohydrates to open new possibilities for regulating food consumption from the point of view Nutritional.

In the same way, it works to form intestinal bacteria capable of fermenting the fibers involved in the production of sugar, and activate the action of glucose in the intestines to protect the body against obesity.

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