MegaQUINONE K2-7 (60 capsules)

MegaQUINONE K2-7 (60 capsules)

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Vitamin K2-based compound. It stabilizes the cardiac system, controlling the blood pressure and increasing the energy of the organism.

Protects the heart and bones

MegaQUINONE, is a compound made from Vitamin K2 that helps to optimize the cardiac propiedades de la vitamina k2system; Promoting a good blood fluid , and oxygen in it, While combating the oxidation of arteries; To avoid damages such as heart attacks, blows, blasts or tachycardias.

However, it also protects the bone system; Strengthening the area of bones and tissues as well as joints. Precisely for this reason, and for its regenerative properties, it is used in treatments to combat osteoporosis; Because it controls the aging of said area; To avoid deterioration.

It also helps control diabetes; Because it reduces the excess of glucose in the blood; At the same time as it cleanses you of toxins.

Who can use MegaQUINONE?

It is recommended for those who wish to maintain the health of their bones; Tissues and heart.

What features and details do you have?

This product has been processed into easily digestible capsules; for always maintain healthy the pancreas area; Bones and heart.

In what way can it be used?

It can be ingested orally.

When do I use MegaQUINONE?

It should be taken when symptoms present pain in the joints or bones; Or when it is desired to combat aging in them and in the heart area.

Why choose him before the competition?

Because it is free of toxic compounds, additives or artificial preservatives.

How is it used?

You should take 1 to 2 capsules a day, or as directed by your treating doctor.

Product composition

Vitamin K2 (as menaquin-7) Menaquin Gold 320mcg. Vitamin K1 (phylloquinone), 200mcg, 220% (% Daily Value). Magnesium (magnesium citrate, malate and glycinate). Zinc and Boron gluconate.

Composition of the supplement

60 easy digestion capsules


Store at room temperature.

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