Nano ACZ (metal detoxifier) 120 ml. Spray.

Nano ACZ 120 ml. Spray.

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Heavy metal detoxifying spray. Special for purifying the bloodstream and balancing the metabolism


ACZ nano is a highly effective detoxifying agent to remove volatile organic compounds found in our bloodstream, acting quickly on heavy metals like mercury and lead.

Likewise, it faces the attacks of free radicals to the tissues, avoiding formation of oxidative stress, and normalizing chemical actions of our body by balancing the metabolism.

In the same way, it eliminates excess of fluorine and chlorine by avoiding its entry as an aluminum conductor in the brain and in liver system, as well as in calcification of the pineal gland, responsible for production of melatonin to sleep.

Who can use ACZ nano?

They can be used by those who wish to detoxify themselves from heavy metals and from formation of oxidative stress.

What features and details do you have?

This product comes in a bottle of 120 milliliters in spray form, applicable buccally, with direct incidence in bloodstream and effective in improving health of the patient.

In what way can it be used?

It can be ingested orally.

When do I use ACZ nano?

It is recommended to use it, when it is desired to neutralize damage of radicals in the organism; Just like detoxifying the body.

Why choose him before the competition?

Because its oral administration is of rapid absorption, and is free of any toxic additive or preservative.

How is it used?

Take 6 spray by mouth, twice a day.

Product composition

Servings per spray. Zeolite sub micronized Clinoptilolite and natural minerals in ultra pure deionized water

Composition of supplement

120 ml detoxifying spray.


Store in a dry and cool environment

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