Phytomatrix (Compuesto antioxidante)-Rejuvenal-60 tabletas.

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Attends mental health and slows aging. It helps fight viral diseases and those caused by excess free radicals.

PhytoMatrix, is a multivitamin product that strengthens the immune system and creates a barrier in our body to counter viral diseases; rrespiratorias, such as flu colds, and cough.

likewise, for being a nutritional supplement containing antioxidant compounds naturally , with  vitamins, minerals and plant extracts. it can work in health benefit by blocking excessive an amount of free radicals.

Moreover, this compound help us to face the degenerative processes producing age-related diseases, and helps to fight against premature aging.

Who can use PhytoMatrix?

It is recommended for those who want a good general health

What features and details have?

It is a product that comes in a bottle with 60 tablets, made with plant extracts, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants beneficial for the body.

How can you use?

It can be taken orally.

When PhytoMatrix use?

It can be used when you need  boost the immune system, and control the excess free radicals.

Why choose Phytomatrix over competitors?

Because artificales free of toxic additives and maintained.

How is it used?

It should take 2 tablets, twice daily fasting.

Product Composition

For every two tablets. Spirulina 600 mg * Vitamin C-158 mg Ester® 262% grape seed extract 120 mg * Goji Extract 100 mg * Green Tea Extract (98% EGCG) 80 mg * Boswellia Serrata (Boswellic Acids) 60 mg * r / s Alpha Lipoic acid 70 mg * Carotene (Dunaliella salina) 60 mg 50 mg * * OptiBerry® Bacopa Extract (50% Bacosides) 50 mg * Resveratrol (98%) 40 mg * Vitamin E - (nat.mixed tocopherols) 35mg 291% Zinc (L-OptiZinc®-20%) 28 mg 184% withanolides (Extract Aswagandha) 4 mg * Chromium (Chrome Mate® 10%) 320% 400 mg L-Methionine Selenium 150 mcg 200% K2 (MenaQ7-k2 0.2%) 60 mg 132% Vitamin D3 5 ug 100%. % RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance * Daily Value Not Established

Supplement composition

Natural supplement of 1315 mg, containing: Sodium croscarmellose, silicon dioxide, Celulola Microcrocristalina, Magnesium Stearate.


Store in cool, dry environment

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