MAAX DETOX (Efecto antioxidante)- MAAX Life-30 sobres

MAX DETOX - Life-MAX 30 envelopes

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The best detoxifying compound. Controls the aging process caused by free radicals and optimizes metabolism.


DETOX MAAX is a compound with mineral; which It purifies the body of toxins through their release by the excretory system. However; it is also able to regulate completely the damage of free radicals in the body, controlling not only the oxidation process, but also slowing the aging and strengthening bones; tissues, cartilage and joints.

Also, thanks to its ion exchange function, improvement the mineral metabolism of the body, at the same time that it promotes good mental condition and strengthens the immune system, increasing its defenses and holding off any virus or disease.

Who can use MAAX DETOX?

This product is ideal for those who need to slow down the process of oxidation in the body; control absorption of minerals and strengthen its defenses.

What features and details have?

Said food supplement, has been prepared under the purest minerals and processed envelopes for everyday use.

How can you use?

It can be taken orally.

When I use MAAX DETOX?

You should always use you as needed to optimize the immune system, rid the body of toxins or pollutants, and care the bone area.

Why choose MAAX DETOX over the competition?

Because it is an effective product, free of artificial preservatives,  or preservatives harmful to the body.

How is it used?

It should be ingest half hour before the first meal of the day, in doses of one bag; dissolved in water.

Product Composition

Zeolite (92%). Silicon Dioxide 72%.

Supplement composition

It contains 30 envelopes with mineral formula.


Store in cool environments.

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