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Dried Urine Hormone imbalance test is a comprehensive measurement of hormones and their metabolites in a sample of dried urine.

This test guarantees you a 15-minute skype query with dr. Jean Garant Mendoza to discuss the results.

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There are many occasions when a simple blood or urine test is not sufficient to provide the information that a doctor needs to make an accurate and precise hormonal diagnosis. This is where lies the importance of a more targeted and accessible test.

What is the Dried Urine Hormone imbalance test?

Dried Urine test for Comprehensive Hormones is a comprehensive measurement of hormones and their metabolites in a sample of dried urine.

The measurement of hormones along with their metabolites can provide a more accurate picture of the hormonal status of the patient. Metabolites are intermediates of hormone metabolism. In this way, they give us an idea of ​​the difference between production and destruction or disposal of hormones.

It is a simple test, where hormone segregation is measured, to infer the functioning of these and, in turn, try to keep their levels stable against any irregularity, either cortisol; testosterone, progesterone and even melatonin.

What hormones or metabolites can be measured in the Dried Urine Hormone imbalance test?

This test provides us with measurements that are not possible to obtain through blood, urine or saliva. This test measures:

Free cortisol blood concentration

  • Cortisol metabolites
  • Estrogen metabolites
  • Androgen metabolites
  • Melatonin blood concentration
  • Standard hormones

What advantages provides the Dried Urine test for Comprehensive Hormones?

Dried Urine test for Comprehensive Hormones has been created by Mark Newman and has the advantage of providing an accurate picture of hormonal fluctuations over 24 hours.

This test provides a great advantage for those who think about making a bioidentical hormone therapy.

Unlike other methods, the Dried Urine test for Comprehensive Hormones is easy to perform and is not tedious for the patient as can be testing urine collection in 24 hours. You simply need to take a urine sample in a test strip, which is allowed to dry.

That strip is then analyzed and can be obtained, and a complete and accurate picture of hormonal status of the patient. This means that hormone levels at different times of day can be measured and their metabolites.

On the other hand, the Dried Urine test for Comprehensive Hormones allows to take measurements of hormones such as cortisol, or adrenal hormones in the free state, which is a more accurate measurement.

The ability of the Dried Urine Hormone imbalance test to provide information on hormonal fluctuations throughout the day is another great advantage since not always the hormone levels in blood are stable and there are certain medical conditions, such as estrogen dominance, which can best diagnosed with this type of evidence.

While it is true that the Dried Urine test for Comprehensive Hormones is easier to perform than other tests, it is necessary to take four urine samples in a day.

On the other hand, in the case of women it is necessary to keep track of the menstrual cycle, as this test can only be performed between days 19 and 22 of the cycle.

Who can benefit from the Dried Urine test?

DUTCH hormonal analysis (acronym) is not only useful for diagnosing the overall status of hormones and metabolites of a patient, but allows to track those already being treated with bioidentical hormones replacement therapy .

Thanks to the information provided by this test, doctor can adjust the amount of hormones a should receive patient, according to the results.

Those suspected to be suffering from some kind of hormonal disorder as estrogen dominance, polycystic ovary syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome or even in certain patients with suspected increase of certain metabolites, it is useful to perform this test.

Women at menopausal period can also take advantage of using this test.

How is hormonal imbalance test done?

The hormonal imbalance test is performed after taking a urine sample, which will be analyzed in detail to corroborate status of metabolites.

Hormonal imbalance test for acne

Acne problems are not only associated with adolescence but also with hormonal problems, so it is recommended to perform this test, to check lack of control in the body, and to be able to apply appropriate treatments to combat this condition, either through Drugs or healthy diets.

Hormonal imbalance test doctor Jean Garant Mendoza

Dr. Jean Garant Mendoza,  can observe by your hormonal test, every minute detail of the functioning of your body, and in turn; Plan an appropriate treatment for your health. Our goal; Always be bet for your well-being, therefore we will create a program of care; Appropriate to your body.


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